"Anthony translates his passion for history and historical figures into his garments with sartorial worth just so happening to be a particular talent. In his presentation, the collection comes from the depths of calvary couture with sprinkled in impeccable qualities of the British Raj’s uniforms."


Sarah Ng - Deux Hommes

"Modern warfare goes luxe!"


Not Just A Label

"Hyper-detailed 3D prints"


Tom Rasmussen - Wonderland Magazine

"He injected a shot of colour, with a citrus bright range of asymmetrical garments inspired by military garb, draped in gold and braids."


Amelia Gregory - Amelia’s Magazine

"Scottacus Anthony’s vibrant colours along with playful fluffy badges brought a light-hearted element to his military inspired collection."


Fi Anderson - LCF NEWS

"Among the standout pieces...Scottacus Anthony’s dramatic military-style coats done in bright orange or red, with gold military braiding and furry adornments made to resemble medals. "


Samantha Conti - WWD